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Machines for Freedom 26 Oz Bottle

Machines for Freedom 26 Oz Bottle
  • Color | Size: BAE Blue | 26oz
  • Color | Size: BAE Coral | 26oz
  • Color | Size: Group Ride Multi | 26oz
This item is currently not available.


The Bae Bottle celebrates every single one of you. The amazing, strong, smart and badass women/trans/non-binary riders that make up this community. Choose the bae that looks like you, or your best friend, or your whole squad! Choose a matchy set or mix and match, like your riding buddies IRL. Whatever you choose, remember to tell your baes you love 'em.

Riding in a paceline, following the braid of the rider in front of you, focused on your breathing as the group moves along in unison. Or... Fanned out across the road as you ride with your crew to your favorite coffee or happy hour stop, laughing the entire time. Both kinds of group rides are equally as special. One helps you challenge yourself and push your limits, the other helps remind you that life is so freakin' good.

- 26 oz.
- BPA free
- Made in California
- Dishwasher safe
- Keeps your water tasting fresh
- 100% recyclable